Strong Scott and Gerbers

Strong Scott Manufacturing, originally located in Minneapolis, MN, closed all operations back in 1967. Their line of equipment was highly regarded for being durable and well-made.

Gerbers of Montana, Inc. secured the rights to Strong Scott's grain and feed division in 1995 and moved it to Great Falls, MT. Strong Scott Equipment and Parts are exclusively available from Gerbers of MT.

Saving You Time, Money, and Effort

Gerbers of Montana, Inc. has been satisfying hundreds of Strong Scott users nationwide not only for part repairs but also for new equipment. We'll save you time, energy, and costs when you come to us for the Strong Scott grain and feed handling equipment you need.

We have all of the existing records, prints, jigs, patterns, and fixtures.
Repair parts are usually already in our inventory, but we have a complete fabrication and machine shop to quickly and easily manufacture any specialized or custom parts you might need.