Services for a Wide Variety of Industries in One Place

Gerbers of Montana knows the grain and feed handling industry. We know what you need, how to create it, and how to ensure you get nothing less than the finely crafted and durable machine parts it takes to keep your machines running right. We manufacture and fabricate grain handling equipment, bucket elevators, conveyors, and custom projects. Contact us today and get started with a free estimate.

  • Industries We Serve Include✓ Agriculture
    ◦ Grain Handling
    ◦ Custom Parts

    ✓ Oil and Gas field equipment
    ◦ Pipes
    ◦ Fittings
    ◦ Couplers
    ◦ Custom parts

    ✓ Commercial kitchens
    ◦ Stainless steel countertops
    ◦ Sinks
    ◦ Fixtures

    ✓ Special order spiral ducting

  • Hose and Fittings✓ 1-4 Wire Hydraulic Hose
    ✓ Suction
    ✓ Adapters
    ✓ Crimp Fittings

  • Tanks✓ JIC style
    ✓ Special fabricated to order

  • PTO Equipment✓ Adapters
    ✓ Shafts
    ✓ Accessories
    ✓ Truck PTO's
    ✓ Yokes and Bearings

  • Conveyor Accessories✓ Troughing Rollers
    ✓ Head and Tail Pulleys
    ✓ Head Shafts - Specials

  • Grain and Feed Handling Equipment✓ Farm and Industrial Conveyor
    ✓ Accessories
    ✓ Bin Unloading Equipment
    ✓ Bucket Elevators
    ✓ Bins
    ✓ Aeration Equipment
    ✓ Distributors

  • Rubber and Plastics✓ Live Rubber
    ✓ Conveyor Belt
    ✓ Elevator Belt
    ✓ Baler Belt
    ✓ Skirt Board Rubber
    ✓ UHMW
    ✓ Urethane
    ✓ Screen Protector
    ✓ All Plastic Extrusions

  • Miscellaneous✓ Chrome shafting
    ✓ Honed cylinder tubing